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What to wear to a wedding

At every wedding event whatever you wear is the most appreciated here. In India for men its typically a formal trouser and shirt with matching shoes. But for ladies it is always a question what to wear to a wedding, its difficult to choose. Design, fabric, matter the most. Even wear a long gown, lehenga or a fit cocktail dress. As the time being now its trend to wear a haldi or special dress code. For the women getting dressed for a wedding is not a easy task. The planning for the wedding day dress starts from months before. It seems committed to shopping and comes to end on something different from the last one she wear. The most important about it is to appreciated by every one, means confirmation of the money spent.

Dresses should be match with every occasion. The question what to wear to a wedding is always a question. So men and women keep in mind that not everything is covered, in simple worlds it should be matched with the event.

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